Relief efforts at the time of disaster

Japan has a long history of coping with various disasters including the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, eruption of Mt. Usu and Miyake Island, Kumamoto Earthquake, "Heavy rain of July, Heisei 30".

At the time of disaster, JVMA takes responsibility to collect information on damage and provide support for the local veterinary associations when they visit shelters or when they temporarily keep pets at the hospital. JVMA also contribute to relief efforts by coordinating relief supplies and dispatching veterinarians to the affected area.

Kyushu Natural Disaster Animal Rescue Center

In preparation for disaster

A disaster can happen anywhere, anytime. So, it is essential to prepare for the occurrence.

Only the owner can protect the pet at the time of disaster.

It means that the owner needs to be safe in order to save the pet.

3 things are important to remember.

① To ensure safety of the owner allows the pet to survive at the time of disaster.

② The best practice against a disaster is to train a pet and keep its health in normal times.

③ It is important to calm the pet down at the time of disaster and evacuate to a safe place with the pet while keeping it from running away or getting injured.

It is a responsibility of the owner to ensure own safety first and then keep the health and safety of the pet without causing trouble to others.

Reference: “Be prepared!Because you want to be with your pet always” by Ministry of the Environment

1. Things pet owners should do in normal times

1) Protect home and a place of feeding

2) Train pets and keep them healthy

3) Prevent pets from running away

4) Have evacuation tools and emergency foods for pets

5) Collect information and do a disaster drill

6) Cooperate with the family and neighbors

7) Find a place which temporarily accepts pets

2. Things pet owners should do at the time of disaster

1) Evacuate with pets

2) Secure a place to feed pets during evacuation